Swimming Official’s Update – May 2021

Regional Swimming Official’s Online Forums

Swim England East Region will be hosting a series of Swimming Official’s Online Forums at the beginning of June. We would like to assist our officials in the return to competition, we fully realise that there will have been a considerable break from officiating. To this end we have arranged some forums to refresh our knowledge and procedures to act as a confidence booster before our return to poolside.

We are planning on delivering the following forums virtually by Zoom. There is a simple registration procedure for all qualified officials who are currently members of an SE East Region Aquatic club.

The dates are: –

  • Tuesday 1 June 21 @ 7.30pm Swimming Officials Online Forum for all qualified officials
  • Tuesday 8 June 2021 @ 19:30pm Swimming Officials Online Forum for qualified Starters
  • Sunday 13 June 21 @ 10.30am Swimming Officials Online Forum for qualified Referees

If these dates are not convenient, it is our intention to record the forums, which will be available at a later date.

It is strongly recommended that all participants click the link to access and watch the following FINA swimming officiating videos before attending the online forum.

To register your attendance at one or more forums, please click on the registration link below.

Swimming Officials Return to Competition Registration link

Stay safe.

David Metcalf
SEER Officials’ Manager