Forthcoming Events

East Region Junior inter-county Water Polo Championships

Linked below are the team sheets for the East Region Inter Counties Junior Water Polo Competition to be held at Basildon on Saturday 1st march from 6pm.


ASA East Region Senior Water Polo Championship 2013

East Region’s premier water polo event was held on Sunday 10th February at the splendid new Inspire Luton Sports Village pool. Men’s teams from five of the Region’s six counties competed for the President’s Cup. Reigning champions Cambridgeshire were absent because of a fixture clash so the trophy was up for grabs…..


ASA East Region Academy Boys Inter-Regional Championship

East Region Boys achieved an excellent result in Division II of this year’s Academy Inter-Regional Championship at Liverpool on 26-27 January. The team narrowly missed 2nd place in the group stage, then won a nail-biting penalty shoot-out to clinch 3rd behind the mighty London and North-West Ravens. Tim Whitwham’s full report is below.