Forthcoming Events

Officers 2014

List of Essex County Amateur Swimming Association Officers for 2014


Swimwear Rules

The following statement has been issued by the ASA and British Swimming following the banning of certain swimsuits by FINA British Swimming and the ASA advise officials FINA bylaw BL 8.1 only applies to Olympic Games and FINA events. There is no requirement for officials to check that costumes are on the approved FINA list. Bylaws BL 8.2 and BL 8.3 cover our requirement for design and material. A suit check will only be made if a World or European record is being claimed.


A ‘Time to Listen’ Course

A ‘Time to Listen’ Course has been scheduled for Sunday 21st April, starting at 2:30pm at the Braintree Swimming Centre (anticipated finish no later than 5:30pm).