The third and final session of the 2023/2024 Swim England Essex County Talent Programme was held at Abbs Cross Health & Fitness Centre on Saturday 8th June 2024.  36 swimmers and 7 coaches attended.
The session was enjoyed by both the swimmers and coaches as evidenced by the following comments made by the swimmers:
  • ‘Experience new things’;
  • ‘New drills in the pool’;
  • ‘Technique getting better, and speed work is good’;
  • ‘Coaches are able to see us and give help’;
  • ‘Coaches explain when I have something wrong’;
  • ‘The mindset for pre-pool work is something I will take away’;
  • ‘I will use RMAP and new mobilisation techniques’;
  • ‘I understand how not to get injured by using warmups’;
  • ‘I understand how to keep muscles warm before racing’;
  • ‘We have made new friends’;
  • ‘Socialising, talking to other people from other clubs’;
  • ‘Will see friends at galas’; and
  • ‘Had fun, lots of fun’.