Officials required for the Winter Championships
Firstly a big thank you for those who have already to help at these championships. This is very much appreciated.

We remain very short of officials in the first weekend. The second weekend is also light on numbers but to a lesser extent. If you can spare some time to help out even if it is for one session only, then this would allow the event to run smoothly but more importantly for the conditions of the licence to be met. Without the licence, the times cannot go forward to the rankings database and will prevent those times being used for qualification to other events.

If you are a licensed official, could you spare some time to help out at the Winter Championships? We need more officials to meet the conditions of the licence, so any help would be appreciated. If you haven’t received an email about officiating at the championships and wish to apply, then please contact

There is space for a limited number of J1 trainees who have passed their timekeeper assessment. Could I ask the officials organisers of the clubs to let the trainees be aware of this opportunity. As you know, trainees are expected to get a broad level of experience and this level 2 meet is perfect for that.

Many thanks