Due to the current lockdown restrictions, it is taking longer then anticipated to organise the final arrangements for the 2021 Essex Age Group Championships with our service providers.

We hope to publish the final arrangements for these Championships here on the website by 31st December 2020.

We will be holding the Championships over 4 weekends in May, June & July.  There will be “differences” to cater for Covid impact and any restrictions at that time.

There will be no qualifying times for any age group.  Times established by a coach in a club TT will be accepted.  NO on-the-day entries or additions will be accepted.

For 2021 only, there will be no individual entry.  All entries must be submitted via SportsSystem entry file, approved and submitted by your Club. Further details for this process will be sent to all clubs soon.

Due to the change in dates the closing date for these Essex Age Group Championships 2021 will be 1st May 2021.  The Age on Date shall be as at 31st December 2021.