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London Swimming News Update

Regional roles

The region is seeking a regional welfare officer and a medals and trophies controller.  If you have a volunteer who has the skills we need and is interested, please contact London Swimming. For further information see

Swim England Incorporation

The Charity Commissioners have approved the application to become a charity. See the Swim England website for further information

Swimtastic Awards

Congratulations to Ashley Varajand, Jake Pillar, Tom Daley, Everyone Active and Positive Strokes on being either runners up or winners at the awards. For further details see the Swim England website

London Swimming – here to help

Let us know, if you feel that there is more we can do to support your club or want help with a particular issue or knotty problem.  We value your feedback and want to help all our clubs when we are needed. Our contact e mail is

Safeguarding and Time to Listen Courses

We know the demand for these courses is extremely high so we are planning courses for 2018. We are securing venues so dates will be available in the next few weeks. Please checking our website for updates