Forthcoming Events

Junior Inter County 2017 - Essex Youngsters Win Again!

Swimmers from Essex competed in the annual Junior Inter County competition which was held in Luton.  Essex competed against Leicestershire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Warwickshire in this high class competition.  The swimmers performed so well which resulted in Essex winning the competition for the second consecutive year.  Congratulations to; Dion Fana, Erika Pasakinskaite, Gavin Byrgos, Lewis Dixon, Grace Waller, Hannah Zyss, Harrison Rider, James Dillon, Ruby Wheeler, Jude Hills, Isabel Collins, Kian Quinlan, Brayden Doyle, Erin Little, Denis Morrine, May Bradburn, Anita Tien, Ciara Wookey, Ila Nicholson, Sophie Freeman, Damon Elliott, Harrison Cox, Jack Richardson, Alessandro Rioda, Alexander McGowan, Carys Brealey, Max Arnold, Tyler Jackson,  Jude Nolan-Day, Olivia Cooper, Brandon Bryan Waugh, Elise Delapperall, Teni Ogulesi, Emily Iley, Isabel Iley.

A big thank you to the coaching team Darren Tucker, Toby Andrews and Karen Lacey