Forthcoming Events

Essex training camp

The first Swim England Essex County training camp for 11 year olds took place on Saturday the 22nd of June. Held at Newhall school in Chelmsford. Lead coach
was Gavin Povall (Waltham Forest) who was assisted by Sophie Drake (Thurrock), Charlie Dentith (Redbridge), Chris Leonnard (Leyton), Erica Johnson who jumped in on the day and team manager Sean Jarvis.

The camp started really well with all 21 swimmers arriving early and making the registration smooth and efficient.

After a brief introduction from the coaches the swimmers were taken across to the sports hall for a land training session. The focus of the land training session was mobility and working through exercises that would assist them with their starts and turns. The swimmers all did really well with the tasks put in front of them and also started to mingle and make new friends.

After the land training we went into our first pool session of the day. The focus of this session was streamlining and transition through the underwater phase into the break out for front crawl. All swimmers were unbelievably attentive throughout the session and really worked on on improving these skills. Coaches delivered a great session and assisted the swimmers in refining these skills.

Following the swim and a debrief we had a lunch break followed by a nutrition talk for parents based on performance nutrition. In my opinion the parents took some valuable information away from this.

We then returned to the pool for our final session of the day which was a backstroke session focusing on improving the streamline and underwater phase and transitioning to full stroke. Again the swimmers really did well and improved further on their skills from the morning session, with great work done by the lane coaches.

All in all I think this was a very successful day and swimmers took some valuable points home with them.