Forthcoming Events

London Swimming Update April 2017

Sport and Recreational Alliance Awards

The SRA is inviting nominations for its awards – the closing date is the 30 April – for

  • Mental Health Award
  • Volunteering Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Professional Community Programme of the Year Award
  • Added Social Value Award

 2017 Community Sport and Recreation Awards.

New London Swimming Contact details

Suzanne Philpot has been appointed as the Regional Executive Officer and Kelly Stannard has been appointed as the Administration and Member Services Officer of London Swimming with effect from 1 April.  They and the senior Board members can be contacted at:

Championships and Competitions

Find out more about our programme of championships and competitions at

Accreditation at ASA national events

Swim England has published new procedures for accrediting team managers and coaches. New Procedure for Poolside Accreditation for Coaches and Team Managers at ASA National Events

ASA launch a new brand

To coincide with the publication of its new four-year strategy, the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has rebranded as Swim England and

Towards a Nation Swimming

Sport and Recreational Alliance Strategy

The SRA has unveiled a five-year strategy focused on improving and projecting the positive aspects of grassroots sport.The Heart of an Active Nation