Forthcoming Events

East Region Water Polo 2016 and going forward

After 3 months as Water Polo Manager for the East region I now see 2016 drawing to a close amid an exciting time for the sport in this region and the country as a whole.

In December the U14 boys and girls put in some fantastic performances at the Inter Regional Championships with the boys finishing fourth and the girls finishing third. Well done to all the players and coaches on these fantastic showings.

Our regional academy is up and running and under head coach Dean Walker, Assistant coaches Brian Poole, Ashley Bygraves and Simon Lecomber, as well as Director of Talent Development, Tim Whitwham, I see the region really pushing on and challenging nationally. We sent 13 players to the first National Regional Academy Competition and after that competition we were commended on the talent that we sent and have been rewarded with all of the players selected for the first National Academy in January.

As a region we have rebranded our internal regional weekly sessions. The Suffolk RTC held at RHS Ipswich on Sunday’s is now our East Satellite. This will be managed by Brian Poole and Chris Cawood and is open to our younger players to attend. Please contact Chris Cawood at for further details of cost etc.

We are creating a brand new West Satellite and this will take place at Haberdashers Boys School on Friday evenings. This session will be an invitation session and will be coached by Edi Brkovic and Dean Walker plus others. I will be administering this satellite for the time being. I have listed below the timings and the current schedule. Cost will be £10 per session being paid on the evening.

West Satellite  Friday’s 7.15pm to 9.15pm
Haberdashers Aske Boys School

13/1 – U18s Boys Trial (strong boys born 2000,2001,2002 club coaches will advise)
20/1 – Regional Academy (Invite will come separately)
27/1 – Selected U18s Boys and Girls teams plus additional invited players to assist scrimmage work
 3/2 – Selected U18s Boys and Girls teams plus additional invited players to assist scrimmage work
10/2 – Girls Only born 2000 to 2004 (Open to all)
17/2 – no session
24/2 – Boys Only session 2002 to 2004 (Open to all)

In 2017 we have 3 Inter regional tournaments and I will be updating the calendar to show these dates as soon as possible. The most important date is the weekend of 11/12 February where the U18 Inter regional boy’s event will be hosted by the East Region at Watford Leisure Centre. We need as many table officials and volunteers as possible.  We have a table official’s course at Luton on the 21st January and anyone wishing to attend please contact Rose Younger at for further details.

The coaching teams for the Inter Regional Competitions 2017 will be as follows 

U18 Girls 
Head Coach – Brian Poole 
Asst Coach – Ashley Bygraves 
Team Manager – Chris Cawood 

U16 Girls 
Head Coach – Brian Poole 
Asst Coach – Rosie Younger 
TM – Chris Cawood 

U14 Girls 
Head Coach – Tim Whitwham 
Assistants – Ashley Bygraves and Rosie Younger 

U18 Boys 
Head Coach – Dean Walker 
Asst Coach – Tom Mills 
Team Manager – Allison Harris 

U16 Boys 
Head Coach – Dean Walker 
Asst Coach – Simon Lecomber 
Team Manager – Martin Atkinson 

U14 Boys 
Head Coach – Simon Lecomber 
Asst Coach – Cameron Gilmour 
Team Manager – TBA

Brian Poole will coordinate the U18 girl’s trials etc. and will be in touch.

Our main objectives are to try and get the regional teams better prepared for competition, continually assess players in the region and liaise extensively with England Water Polo and be at the forefront of any developments and place our young talented players in the best position to succeed. We are also reviewing our own regional club competitions and news will be following in the new year of any developments.

Finally, can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Martin Atkinson 

Water Polo Manager