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Statement from the ASA

Following a single complaint through the ICO regarding the publication of dates of births within the ranking system they have recommended that we adopt a process to restrict access. In discussions with them it has been agreed to publish year of birth only.
The ASA Sport Governing Board recommends to Regions, Counties and Clubs or anyone organising a competition that they do not publish dates of birth either electronically or within a programme of events. It is appreciated clubs will still need to supply dates of birth to meet organisers to ensure the correct data is used for swim meets and rankings purposes.
Data currently available to club officers using are not affected.
We recognise this is inconvenient to many members who need the full date of birth of members not in their club. An example being County or Regional Records. To be able to offer this service we are planning on introducing a personal key system to enable such access. In the meantime the ASA Membership Department can confirm dates of birth needed for such situations.
17 May 2016

ASA Rankings Statement