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The Plaistow & Higgs Trophies, and the Essex Award

The Plaistow & Higgs Trophies, and the Essex Award

The Plaistow & Higgs Trophies were donated by Plaistow Swimming Club, when the club dissolved in mid 1990’s and by Mike Higgs, Borough of Southend Swimming Club coach for many years, on his retirement in 2005, respectively.

The Plaistow Trophy is awarded for Outstanding Performances in any one year and has often been for individuals being selected for National Honours in Speed Swimming, Disability Swimming or Masters Swimming.

The Higgs Trophy is awarded for the best Swimming performance at the Annual National Swimming Championships. Nominations for the award are made by the respective discipline Managers, (Swimming, Masters, Diving, Disability, Synchro Water Polo etc.)

The Essex Award is for Services to Swimming in the County

Plaistow Male Trophy Winners

1994/5 Daniel Coombs Romford
1996/7 Edward Clement Killerwhales
1998-2000 Chris McGuire Thurrock
2001 Darren Swash Colchester
2002 Ross Hughes Brentwood
2003 Stan Clarke Romford
2004 Craig Moate Beacontree
2004 Christopher Watkinson Braintree
2005 Daniel Fogg Waltham Forest
2007-10 Roberto Pavoni Brentwood
2011/12 James Hollis Epping Forest
2013 Ryan Nicholls Redbridge
2015 Lee Peterson Braintree

Plaistow Female Trophy Winners

1994/5 Victoria Stebbing SOSDC
1997 Jodie Swallow Killerwhales
1998 Karen Smith SOSDC
1999 Natalie Brown Bor SOS SC
2000 Karen Smith SOSDC
2001 Natalie Brown Bor SOS SC
2002 Natalie Brown Bor SOS SC
Karen Smith SOSDC
2003 Kelly Andrews Killerwhales
2004 Tracey Richardson SOSDC
2007 Lottie Thompson SOSDC
2009 Sophie Drake Canvey
Natalie Drake Colchester
2010 Emma Hollice Epping Forest
2011 Elena Sheridan Romford
2012 Amy Marren Romford
2013 Laura Stephens Colchester
2014 Amy Marren Romford
2015 Holly Hildrew Romford

Higgs Trophy Winners

2007 Allen Lindenberg Waltham Forest
2009 Chris Inch Redbridge
2009-12 Elena Sheridan Romford
2013 Amy Marren Romford
2014 Pheobie Griffiths Waltham Forest
2015 Edmund Ashton LAC (London Aquatic Centre)

Essex Award

1983 A Turner
1984 Mrs S M Lewis
1985 Hugh & Ruth Joiner
1986 A D Warn
1987 Alf Jordan
1988 Mrs D Lowe
1989 P E Wagstaff
1990 Harold & Doreen Fox
1991 Miss E A Baines
1992 Mrs C King
1993 Coaches of Essex ASA
1994 Mrs L Springer
1995 Fred & Hazel Davis
1996 Mary & Ian Macleod
1997 Kay & Neil McGuire
1998 Bob & Jean Edney
1999 Margaret Willmott
2000 Mrs Doreen Lowe
2001 Brian Kapp
2002 Janice King
2003 Norman Edgell
2004 Alan French
2004 Paul Hayes
2005 Roger Howkins
2006 Alan Harper
2007 Fred Gale
2008 Mrs Eileen Marrable
2009 Phil Nice
2010 Tony Pepper
2011 Colin Blades
2012 Maria Neary
2013 Marion Westwood
2014 Naomi Pillington
2015 Janet & Roger Watkins