Forthcoming Events

East Region President 2015-2016

The ASA East Region held its Annual Council Meeting on Saturday, September 12, including the annual awards presentation.

The Annual Council meeting gave the membership an opportunity to consider the Annual Report and Accounts and saw elections to various East Region posts, the inauguration of the new President and gave an opportunity for the outgoing President to report on her engagements over the previous year.

Kay McGuire became East Region President for 2015/16 and was presented with the chain of office by outgoing President, Gerry Metcalf.

Reporting on her year of office, Gerry Metcalf thanked all those who volunteer to support aquatics in the East Region and paid homage to the talented athletes across all aquatic disciplines, who strive for success.

Kay McGuire was commended to the meeting by Tom Baster, who gave a background to her nomination as President. Kay, who was honoured to be nominated as President, expressed a willingness to attend county and regional events across all disciplines.

There were three vacancies for Elected Members of the Management Board, two were for the full three year term of office and one was for a one year term of office. Both Andy Morton and Tom Baster, were current board members and had put themselves forward for re-election for the three year posts. Both were duly elected and will hold office until September 2018.

The Chairman reported that a casual vacancy had arisen as a result of Dean Walker’s resignation from the Board, following his appointment as ASA Club Development Officer. Gerry Metcalf had put herself forward for this post and was duly elected to serve until September 2016.

Please see the ASA East Region website for he full report on the Annual Council Meeting.