Forthcoming Events

Masters & Seniors Inter-County Swimming

Masters & Seniors Inter-County Swimming is on Sunday 16 November 2014 and is the Regional Heat of National Inter-County Masters & Seniors Swimming Event and is held at Newmarket.

The Essex team is as follows:

18/25: Danny Baker,Lewis Kidd,Peter Lawton,Reece Parker.
25/35: Dave Ebanks,Matt Ricketts,Nick Harris,Peter Williams
35/45: Lee Peterson,Lee North,Martin Lane,Brad Parsons.
45/55: Geoff Baker,Martin Fenner,Paul Metson,Nigel Brown.
55/65: Walter Gerrard,Peter Ray,Christopher Dunnington,Colin Corby.
65/+ :  Phil Harper,Ronald Power,Derek Gore,Stanley Clarke.

18/25: Tegan Dawkins,Jessica Ford,Nicola Rees,Anne-Marie Smith.
25/35: Jade perry,Michelle Curry,Sally Wood,Sophie Castle.
35/45: Clare Boston,Suzi Ridler,Wendy Hunter,Dawn Palmer.
45/55: Hedi Nevin,Rebecca Hardy,Madeline Raymond,Hannah Ueckermann.
55/65: Eileen Luther,Alyson Fordham,Barbara Boxall,
65/+:   Carol Hylett,Jill Complim,