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Correct Procedure Regardng Officials Courses, Queries Etc.

It has become a concern of the Officials Committee that the correct protocol is not being followed when questions arise on matters relating to officials training, CPD courses and clarification regarding questions of interpretation etc.

More often than not enquiries are being directed to individual members of the County Management Board, qualified County Referees and even direct to the East Region Officials Manager, when there is a highly respected and Qualified Referee appointed as the Officials Manager for the Essex County Management Board.

Would you please note that for any matters regarding officials courses, education and any other matters they MUST be referred to Mrs Kay McGuire, Essex County Officials Manager, email address; postal details can be found in the County Handbook, who will promptly deal with all enquiries.

It would be appreciated if you would advise your club officials or officials’ co-ordinator of this procedure as this will hopefully eliminate any further confusion.

Fred Gale.

Chairman Essex County ASA