Forthcoming Events

Bedfordshire ASA Junior Inter-County Competition

On Saturday 1 February, Bedfordshire ASA is hosted a Junior Inter-County Competition at Saxon Pool, Biggleswade.  Competing for the President’s Challenge Trophy were teams from Essex, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Oxon and North Bucks, Suffolk and Bedfordshire.

This was a new competition, which aimed to give younger swimmers the opportunity of competing at an Inter-County level before they go onto the regional and national meets.  Teams were cheered on by their County Presidents, parents and fellow swimmers in, what was an exciting evening.

The Essex team, managed by Helen Lawton and Steve Turner put on a great show, winning the inaugural competition, returning with the trophy.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the swimmers, coaches and management team from the Essex County ASA.


Essex 1st -209 pts,

Oxon & North Buckinghamshire 2nd 195 pts,

Lincolnshire 3rd 158 points,

Hertfordshire 4th  135 pts,

Bedfordshire 5th 123 pts

Suffolk 6th 121 pts.

The full results breakdown can be found here