Womens 10/14 Yrs 800m Free.Team - Heats (Declared Winners)

Full Results

PlaceNameA.GClub Time    
1.Colchester A Colchester 9:08.06    
 50m -100m -150m -200m 2:15.58250m -300m 3:24.12350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m 6:57.73650m -700m -750m -800m 9:08.06
2.Basildon and Phoenix A Basildon Ph 9:20.75    
 50m -100m 1:06.64150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 4:37.16
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m 8:07.17750m -800m 9:20.75
3.LB of Redbridge A BorRedbridge 9:27.64    
 50m -100m 1:05.61150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 4:34.73
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m 8:09.74750m -800m 9:27.64
4.Chelmsford SC A Chelmsford 9:59.25    
 50m -100m 1:10.41150m -200m 2:28.66250m -300m -350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m 7:31.44650m -700m -750m -800m 9:59.25
5.Basildon and Phoenix B Basildon Ph 10:07.26    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m 3:48.50350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m 7:35.58650m -700m -750m -800m 10:07.26
6.Borough of Southend A Bo Southend 10:08.09    
 50m -100m -150m -200m 2:33.82250m -300m -350m -400m -
 450m -500m 6:28.87550m -600m -650m -700m -750m -800m 10:08.09
7.Runnymede SC Runnymede 10:08.62    
 50m -100m 1:07.95150m -200m 2:21.89250m -300m 3:37.99350m -400m 5:02.47
 450m -500m 6:13.36550m -600m 7:29.14650m -700m -750m -800m 10:08.62
8.Witham Dolphins SC A Witham Dolph 10:35.79    
 50m -100m 1:14.34150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 5:03.22
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m 9:09.55750m -800m 10:35.79