Mens 11/12 Yrs 400m Freestyle Team - Heats

Full Results

PlaceNameA.GClub Time    
1.Basildon and Phoenix A Basildon Ph 2:00.85    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:00.85
2.Killerwhales SC 'A' Killerwhales 2:09.14    
 50m -100m 1:05.25150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:09.14
3.LB of Redbridge A BorRedbridge 2:09.45    
 50m -100m 1:09.33150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:09.45
4.Colchester A Colchester 2:09.63    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:09.63
5.Southend on Sea SC Southend 2:09.85    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:09.85
6.Thurrock A Team Thurrock 2:12.18    
 50m -100m 1:07.44150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:12.18
7.Borough of Southend A Bo Southend 2:12.81    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:12.81
8.Chelmsford SC A Chelmsford 2:16.82    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:16.82
9.Colchester B Colchester 2:17.20    
 50m -100m 1:05.83150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:17.20
10.Epping Forest Dist. SC Epping For't 2:18.34    
 50m -100m 1:08.22150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:18.34
11.Halstead SC Team A Halstead 2:24.74    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:24.74
12.Runnymede SC Runnymede 2:30.02    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 2:30.02
 Witham Dolphins SC Witham Dolph DNC    
 Basildon and Phoenix B Basildon Ph DQ O-    

Disqualification Codes