Mens 10/14 Yrs 800m Freestyle Team - Heats (Declared Winners)

Full Results

PlaceNameA.GClub Time    
1.Chelmsford SC A Chelmsford 8:57.69    
 50m -100m -150m -200m 2:15.31250m -300m -350m -400m -
 450m -500m 5:40.73550m -600m -650m -700m -750m -800m 8:57.69
2.LB of Redbridge A BorRedbridge 9:06.39    
 50m -100m 1:06.06150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 4:31.11
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m 7:52.86750m -800m 9:06.39
3.Colchester A Colchester 9:14.06    
 50m -100m 1:07.08150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 4:30.73
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m 8:01.82750m -800m 9:14.06
4.Basildon and Phoenix A Basildon Ph 9:19.54    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m 3:23.23350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m 6:57.72650m -700m -750m -800m 9:19.54
5.Basildon and Phoenix B Basildon Ph 9:48.68    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m -750m -800m 9:48.68
6.Runnymede SC Runnymede 10:00.32    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m -750m -800m 10:00.32
7.Chelmsford SC B Chelmsford 10:28.84    
 50m -100m 1:12.69150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m 6:28.84
 450m -500m 7:52.23550m -600m -650m -700m -750m -800m 10:28.84
8.Witham Dolphins SC Witham Dolph 11:22.70    
 50m -100m -150m -200m -250m -300m -350m -400m -
 450m -500m -550m -600m -650m -700m -750m -800m 11:22.70
 Borough of Southend A Bo Southend DQ O-    

Disqualification Codes